Forest Management

Nearly Three Centuries of Sustainable Forestry

American Tree Farm System Founding MemberIn 1741 Jonathan Cowls began acquiring and sustainably managing farmland and timberland that today consists of over 100 parcels in 30 towns in Hamden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Worcester Counties. Cowls’ foresters carefully prepare long-term management plans for each parcel and sustainably harvest multiple forest products, including veneer logs, sawlogs, pulpwood, and cordwood for regional markets.

A founding member of the American Tree Farm System, Cowls is committed to the strict standards of the nations’ oldest sustainable forestry certification program.  Under this program, wildlife habitat, recreation, and watershed protection are important factors in managing the forest for wood production.

Today, Cowls is the largest private landowner in the Commonwealth, managing later generations of the same forests that Jonathan Cowls harvested over 280 years ago. That fact, along with numerous awards, is a testament to our enduring dedication to sustainable management.

Forestry-Based Opportunities

Natural Resources

In addition to sustainably harvested wood, Cowls’ land contains significant natural resources, including Title 5 certified sand and gravel, and landscape stone.

Renewable Energy

We support the long-term potential for renewable energy production on Cowls’ land. We join the Commonwealth in its commitment to renewable energy sources and welcome inquiries regarding wind, solar, and energy storage projects.


We are committed to helping rural communities in Western Massachusetts strengthen their telecommunications systems through improved broadband and wireless service.

To explore opportunities in any of these areas, please contact Shane Bajnoci, Vice President of Timberland Management, at 413-549-1403.